A video star from the club and Environmental activities

Dear Paddler

I am delighted to attach a link to a brilliant video that has been produced by British Canoeing staring our own Chris Nadollek.
You can see the video on the British Canoeing website here
Our thanks go to all of the club paddlers and coaches who have supported Chris on his fantastic journey, the video shows the progress he has made and the challenges he has faced along the way.
Chris has recently joined the trustees to support Paddleability, if you would like to discuss accessibility issues with Chris then you can email him at Paddleability@hppcc.co.uk and he will support you with any quires that you might have.
On the environmental side the club are repeating our very successful pennywort clearance on the Beeston Canal on Sunday the 5th of March.
We will be supplying rafts and Paddleboards which can be used for clearing the Pennywort, or you can bring your own craft.  If you would prefer to paddle open canoe then please let us know on the kit request so that we can look at how many boats are needed.
We will be working again alongside the volunteers from the Canals and Rivers Trust to clear this invasive species from the canal. 
There is no cost to this trip, please make sure you apply the £1 discount so that you don’t pay.
With your help we can make a real difference to the canals and save wildlife and other water species.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Kind regards