Touring is one of the most enjoyable parts of participating in paddlesports and many paddlers on our tours comment that the tours and trips are why they started paddling.  Imagine a warm, sunny summers day, paddling along a river through the English, Scottish or Welsh countryside with friends and your favourite craft – what more enjoyable way can there be to see the outdoors?  We don’t guarantee the weather, but we do guarantee good company and scenery.

Touring is just that – an extended trip along a waterway, lake or other body of water in often stunning scenery, with either the peace of the countryside and the odd minor rapids and weirs, unless you choose to “portage” these (get out and go around them). A trip can last a few hours, a day or multiple days involving camping or local accommodation. We take our food and equipment with us in larger touring kayaks, open canoes or Stand-up-Paddleboards.

All formal club trips are led by experienced and qualified Leaders and the activity will have been risk assessed and approved by the Club.  Club trips are advertised through the club newsletter and through the club website.

In addition to the formal club trips there are peer paddling trips, where groups of club members organise trips themselves.  These might be advertised by word of mouth or informal methods such as social media.  In this there is a less formal leadership structure, with paddlers responsible for themselves and the others around them.

What skills do you need?

For our formal club trips a level of experience will be stated on the booking information.  Some trips are open to relative novices, others will require more skills and experience.  Each trip will have an anticipated distance to be paddled on the trip information, and for longer trips paddlers are encouraged to build up their experience and stamina.

What craft can I use?

Unless it is specifically stated that a trip is for one type of craft then we welcome paddlers in any type of craft on club trips.  This might include kayaks, open canoes paddled tandem or solo, Stand-up-Paddleboards or Sit-on-Top kayaks.  If you are paddling a different type of craft to normal make sure that you are sufficiently competent in that craft.

Are Children or dogs welcome?

Yes, children are welcome on club trips if accompanied by their parents.  More experienced junior paddlers may be accepted on club trips without parents, but this will be at the trip leader’s discretion.  Children paddling their own craft should still meet the competency requirements.

Dogs are welcome on trips but please let the trip organiser know that they are coming.

What will the programme for this year be?

For more information about planned trips, or if you have any suggestions for trips then please contact our Trips organiser, Dave Guntrip, on and hopefully you can enjoy being a part of our future trip programme.