Membership Types

Within HPPCC there are four types of membership categories, all of those who paddle with the club must be club members.

Temporary Membership

Open for any person so they can try out club activities for two sessions only

Full Club Membership

Full club membership should be taken out by anyone who wishes to paddle with the club

Honorary Membership

Awarded to club members who are deemed by the committee to have contributed in the past year to the support and life of the club. (Discretionary and awarded yearly)

Life Membership

Awarded to club members who have contributed to the club in an outstanding way, and recognises prolonged commitment over a long period. (Discretionary)

Benefits of Membership

Club members are entitled to the following:

  • Borrowing club equipment during sessions (after paying the appropriate fee)
  • Borrowing equipment for club trips or competitions
  • Being covered by a CRT and EA waterways licence when using club boats
  • Being covered by British Canoeing Public Liability Insurance when paddling on club activities
  • Coaching for performance awards
  • Coaching for competition performance
  • Access to other courses such as rescue courses and improvement courses
  • Access to river trips and events
  • Support and guidance
  • Finding a friendly group of paddlers to paddle with
  • Possible use of club equipment for peer paddling trips (subject to club committee or senior coach approval)

Responsibilities of club Membership

  • Members who compete are expected to list HPPCC as their club, or one of their clubs
  • Members should act with courtesy to all other club members
  • Members should be an ambassador for the club and not bring it into disrepute at any time.