Freestyle (playboating) begins by getting in a boat and going for it. If you don’t get wet then you’re doing it wrong. If you aren’t smiling then you’re forgetting to do the most important thing.

Luckily for members of HPPCC we have boats that can be kitted out for all sizes. We also have access to the best whitewater playground in the UK.  Holme Pierrpont (HPP) White Water course is also very safe. Confidence can be built in the perfect place. 

The beauty of playboating is that every person who does it is on their own learning curve and there is no ego, from the very best to a beginner. The guys you see bouncing all over a wave in their custom boats are all trying to improve and teach each other tricks. You can sit in an eddy waiting to get on a wave at HPP with the best freestyle paddler in the world, who will be just as excited to see you catch your first wave as pulling off a big loop. They remember being exactly where you are now. 

Beginners – you will require:

  • A smile
  • A boat and paddle
  • A helmet/buoyancy aid/spraydeck

To begin with you will need to have some time on the moving water with the white water section.  A roll on whitewater is handy but not essential.  

To begin with we will warm you up on the flat water to get the balance of the boat because the edges are different to other boats. Then it is really up to you and your own learning curve.  Go straight down the course and try and surf every wave or spend some time on the back channels and work up to the bottom wave train.  We will be there every step. 

And beyond

The club is here to support its members.  There are those that want to compete and we are there for you.  The opportunity to progress is huge in Nottingham because of the people who use the course.  There are local competitions as well as national and internationals held at regular intervals. 

Briefly, a competition is various rounds based on 45 seconds on a wave to complete as many tricks as possible.  Points are awarded if the move is carried out to the required standard and if it is combined with others then it will produce a higher score.  

There are also opportunities to complete awards for coaching and personal progression but the most important progression is that you enjoy your paddling and the most fun you can have in Nottingham is in a playboat.

Pool sessions run over winter and are subject to venue/time change.  The club will notify when booking opens.

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