HPPCC has a unique opportunity among kayak clubs for paddlers to be coached in whitewater paddling using the National Water sports whitewater course at Holme Pierrepont.

If paddlers who are new to the club or have come through the basic coaching with the club decide that they would like to try learning to paddle on moving water. They will be assessed on the level of paddling skills to make sure that they are ready to start on the moving water, if necessary, they will be guided on what they need to develop before they go onto moving water. Also, what clothing they need for the whitewater.

The club has a range of whitewater boats to suit all sizes of paddler to use on the whitewater.

The club has several coaches that have had additional training to allow them to coach paddlers on the whitewater course. These coaches will initially start them on the slower backchannels sections before moving onto the main whitewater course. The coaches are able to work with paddlers of all abilities and age also any special adjustments to meet an individual paddlers requirement. 

The whitewater sessions run on Saturday and on other evenings during the week. These sessions are all booked through the clubs booking portal, however, please seek the advise of one of the whitewater coaches before you book your first session on whitewater.