Recreational Paddling

The main objective of the recreational section within HPPCC is to ensure that we give every opportunity for paddlers to have fun and gain experience of various forms of paddling available at the club. We want paddlers to enjoy their experience, so they become able to enjoy the sport wherever they wish to go whether that is family fun, trips, exhilarating white water, or competitive sport.

We have people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come to the club to ‘have a go’ at kayaking and canoeing. They come to us via a range of routes, word of mouth, website or other trigger to motivate them to try the sport.

Many people will not realise the range of activities and boat types that are available within the sport of kayaking/canoeing. It is our aim to give everyone the opportunity to try as much, or as many types of boat and activity as they wish to. Many people when starting out probably do not yet know what they want or could get from the sport when they first start.

The club has a large boat fleet with a range of boat types and sizes to accommodate as far as possible as wide a range of paddling opportunities for all. The volunteer coaches will help paddlers to develop their skills and give them the opportunity to try different aspects to the sport.

Our club has the ability to cater for a range of recreational activities, we have great opportunities for everyone, with the white-water course, river Trent and protected lakes to allow paddlers to learn and develop in many directions. For some this may be competitive sport such as slalom and if an individual shows a willing or promise in this area as a club, we can give them the best options within the clubs’ slalom section. If this is sprint or other areas of competitive sport, we have some boats that they can try to see if they want to go further down this route, but we may have to use a ‘partner’ club such as the NKC to meet the competitive needs for some paddlers.

The club supports paddler development through the British canoeing discover and explore progression system. All paddlers of any ability can develop, and the club will make suitable adjustments to meet an individual’s needs. There are many routes for paddlers to develop further in the various disciplines such as touring, white water, slalom, open boats, or kayak, through the many opportunities from British canoeing personal development progression system.

The club runs sessions at HPPCC all year round at our club site waters, but we also run pool sessions in the winter months to allow paddlers to become more confident or learn new skills in a warm environment.

Development Opportunities

The club will plan for a range of development opportunities for paddlers to further develop their skills. This will give them the chance to commit to a course over a set number of weeks. These include some of the courses but the club will endeavour to assist paddlers to achieve their goals by adjusting or planning courses to suit them.

  1. Discover award, (this would be part of a normal session) this can usually be achieved with around 4-6 weeks of coaching and the paddler will be assessed by the coach as they develop their skills during the sessions.
  2. Explore award, this can be achieved by either a rolling program over a period of time with the coaches at normal sessions or as a prepaid block of sessions or intensive weekend courses (The club will advertise these blocks or courses) the paddler will agree a progress plan with their coach and the assessment will be an ongoing process as they develop their skills. This will include different types of water and conditions.
  3. Personal performance awards.  British Canoeing has developed a suite of awards designed to allow paddlers to develop in many various paddling areas. The club will arrange and advertise a number of coaching opportunities for paddlers to progress through the personal performance suite of activities. This covers many different types of paddling activities. This may be blocks of coaching in White water, touring both kayak and open boat, SUP, slalom and many others. Some personal paddling skills may require assistance from suitably qualified coaches and assessors. The assessment for these skills will be run separately to the coaching and may include activities away from the HPPCC club. i.e. on moving water or open water lakes as appropriate.
  4. Paddle Safer courses. The club will support paddlers to access the new British Canoeing Paddle Safer courses which are 2 hours in length and give an ideal introduction to basic safety skills.
  5. Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course (PSRC). This is a 6 hour certified course and courses may be arranged for paddlers who wish to undertake this training which is a pre-requisite for Paddlesport instructor training.
  6. The club will also assist paddlers who wish to become a Paddlesport Instructor, coach (discipline specific) or leaders, to achieve these British Canoeing qualifications. This will enable paddlers to become club volunteers for the future development of new paddlers.

In addition to this the club will undertake to assist paddlers achieve their personal goals and targets as and when people make a request for some coaching in any areas.

Set out below are some of the requirements for developing on to moving water or undertaking club trips.

HPPCC Competency requirements

Most general club trips

Paddlers should be about Discover standard unless otherwise specified; paddlers should check the advertised distances of each trip to ensure that they are capable of paddling that far. If in doubt about your skill level for a trip ask the organiser or a coach.

The club will plan a number and range of trips through the year these range from lake and river trips, camping trips and others such as the fireworks paddle.

The standard for paddling trips is as above, however this can be varied if the trip requires a particular skill level.

The club will allow paddlers to use club equipment to attend trips as required to encourage paddlers who do not have their own equipment to take part.

The club will assist people who wish to plan a trip with guidance and any other practical assistance, the club will advertise any club trips or supported trips on the website and social media to ensure that all club members have the opportunity to participate in any trips.

All trips that are organised by the club, or paddlers are using club equipment must have a risk assessment and plan submitted to the club’s event safety officer prior to the trip taking place.

Club paddlers also arrange peer paddling trips through social media or word of mouth, and these can provide further opportunities for people to paddle together away from the club. However, it must be noted that peer paddle trips and individuals going on peer trips are responsible for their own safety.