Car Parking-Urgent update

Good Evening Paddler

I have been contacted by the centre tonight to let us know that the parking company contracted by Serco have admitted an error in uploading the information from the centre, and therefore generated fines inappropriately.
They will be in contact with all those who had received a fine and who had completed the spreadsheet to rescind the fine.
If you have received a fine but had not completed the spreadsheet, either because you had not completed it in time, or because you had joined the club after the cut off date, please contact the centre on
Please note this is a different email address from the one that they gave out initially.
If you change your vehicle registration in the future please note that you will need to take your registration number and a copy of your current club membership card to the reception to have it changed.
Please note that your free parking lasts whilst you remain a club member.  If your club membership lapses, you will be due to pay parking fees, so please don’t leave your membership to lapse and then try renewing several months later, it could be very expensive!
I think the winner of the most tickets was Eoghan Kelly with 6!
Kind regards