Club sessions for the next month or so

Good evening Paddler
I just wanted to let you know where we are with bookings for club sessions over the next month or so.
The course lights have been fixed so the course should be reopening in the evenings – dependent on water levels obviously. Andy will advertise the WW sessions when we can run sessions and Rafting should be resuming on the course as well in the evenings.
Saturday morning sessions are now available to book for January and the next round of pool sessions will be available from 7pm on Friday evening.
There are still some places for the week of the 21st of January available.
The next block of freestyle sessions are also available to book from the 3rd of March and there are 10 spaces available for the block of sessions, and 2 weekly spaces available.
We look forward to seeing you paddling with us indoors or outdoors shortly.
Kind regards Dawn