Fantastic freestyle opportunity for female paddlers

Dear Paddler
An exciting opportunity has become available for all female club members in England.  If this doesn’t apply to you please pass it on to anyone else that you know who might be interested.
British Canoeing and GB Freestyle have created a programme suited to all levels of white water paddler looking to boost confidence and skills.  It will focus on personal skills, safety and coaching. 
Although it is freestyle based it is aimed at all levels, a roll is handy but not a prerequisite. It will be a really good opportunity to paddle with like minded women, being coached by some of the best female coaches in the UK. 
As our club is situated at the centre of GB freestyle it would be really good to have some applications from the club. Before the course, sessions can be arranged with the organiser (Tamsyn) to gain confidence. 
Please ask if you need any further information 
Andrew Good – Freestyle Trustee

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