Important information Pool Sessions

Dear Paddler

I am delighted to announce that our pool winter sessions will be available to book on Thursday and Friday of this week.

It is really important that paddlers wanting to book read the instructions below carefully.

Block 1 of the pre-booked sessions for the recreational paddlers at Ken Martin Pool on Saturday afternoons (3.45 – 5.15) will go on sale to NKC and HPPCC members at 8pm tomorrow evening the 6th of October.
Be warned they normally sell out within 45 minutes

Block 2 will be advertised next Monday at 8pm.  You may only book one block of sessions not both to give as many members as possible a chance.

Block 1 22/10 – 12 November – 4 sessions Cost £30
Block 2 26/11 – 17/12 – 4 sessions Cost £30

Please don’t book if you can’t make all the sessions as there will be plenty of places after Christmas.

The freestyle sessions will go on sale on Friday 7th October at 8pm These are a Thursday evening at Clifton pool

Block 1 20/10/22-17/11/22
Block 2 24/11/22-22/12/22
Block 3 29/12/22-26/01/23
Block 4 02/02/23-02/03/23

5 sessions in each block – cost £45

The reasons for the sessions being released at different times is to ensure people book the right sessions.

The recreation sessions at Ken Martin pool are for all abilities, to learn water confidence and capsize skills and to learn to roll.  Novices are welcome.  No equipment is needed, you need just your swim wear and a t shirt or rash vest to wear in the pool.  We would however recommend shorts or neoprene shorts to wear in the boat to make it more comfortable.

The freestyle sessions at Clifton are for competent paddlers only who have a reliable roll.  You will need to bring your own boat and paddle, which must be cleaned.  Boats must not be used on the river between sessions.  You must be using the sessions to practice your freestyle skills.

Please note that refunds are not available if you are not able to attend any sessions.

After Christmas weekly recreational slots will be available at the Ken Martin Pool, and these are released through December, January and February for booking.

Finally you will also find on the website Instructor only booking slots, these are for instructors who coach rolling at the pool to book to let us know they are coming, please don’t book one of these slots unless you are able to coach rolling.  We welcome paddlers who have a confident roll who would like to help teach rolling, and to support these paddlers we have 2 sessions:
Saturday 15th October and Saturday 19th November 
for potential coaches to come along and learn to teach rolling – these sessions are also open to coaches who have coached at the pool before to come and refresh themselves, and also get a bit of practice in.

If you would like more information on learning to coach rolling please contact Trevor Tarlton-Weatherall on for more information.

Good luck in booking the sessions and happy rolling.

Kind regards