New paddling courses available for members & some lost equipment

Dear Paddler

We are delighted to be able to offer some courses for paddlers who are improving their paddling.
The Paddlesafer Course is designed for those who have basic control of their craft and want to learn what to do when something goes wrong.
You will learn how to get back onto or into your craft, learn basic rescue techniques and become safer out on the water.
Suitable for all craft, Sit on Top, SUP, Canoe or Kayak.
Two dates are available on a Saturday afternoon, one in July and one in August.
In addition at the end of July we are running a full weekend Paddle explore and paddle safer course.  This combined course will give you a full weekend of paddling, improving your skills and techniques, both on the lake and out on the River.  You will also be able to complete the Paddle safer course to gain skills and knowledge rescuing other paddlers and learning how to get back into your craft.
Combined Explore and Paddle Safer Course
Please use the links above to book for the courses or go through the booking portal on the club website.
We have restarted the Social paddling group on a Thursday night and bookings are open, this will give you a chance to get out on the river while we have the nice light evenings and build up your paddle fitness and skills.
On a different matter unfortunately one of our coaches has had their personal set of paddles removed from the club compound.
We are sure that this would have been a mistake by someone but Andy Steel is desperate to get his custom built paddles back.
These are VE paddles in Blue with a cranked shaft, and were stored behind the metal cabinet with the other coaches paddles.
If you removed these in error please do return them to Andy as he is lost without them.
Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you out on the Water.
Kind regards