Night time paddle to see the fireworks & Pool sessions

Dear Paddler

We are delighted to be able to offer a fantastic opportunity to get out for a night time paddle, and to take in a fireworks display from the River.

FRIDAY 10th November 7pm -9.30pm

The trip will start at the club and will paddle upstream for 500-750 meters then come back down taking in a firework display that will be visible from the river.

Club kit will be available for the trip. Please note that the centre building will be locked and therefore there will be no access to toilets or showers.

In addition all vehicles will be locked in the car park at the centre and will only be able to exit en-masse at the end of the event when we unlock the gate and exit as one large group.

Open only to club members, and you must have paddled out on the river before. Suitable for all ages and all types of craft. Please note that the trip will be subject to weather and water conditions, and may be cancelled at short notice if our trip leaders believe that the river conditions are not suitable for night time paddling.

Please note this is a FRIDAY Night not Saturday.

All craft and all ages are welcome.  Please book through the club booking portal – available under trips.

Pool Sessions

The second block of pool sessions are now up for sale and there are still some sessions left.

We also still have spaces for SUP paddlers on the 18th of November to practice their rescue and self rescue skills.

Kind regards