Post Christmas pool sessions

Dear Paddler
A very big thank you to all those who joined the Club AGM last night online, it was great to see so many people there.
The post Christmas pool sessions will be posted online at 8pm this Friday evening and the first 2 weeks: 15th Jan 22nd Jan
Will be available to book.
As previously there will be 24 available slots, and 6 coaches in the water with students to support them.
The first 2 week sessions are for those who haven’t yet managed to book a session this year, so if you were one of the lucky 48 paddlers who got a slot before Christmas please don’t book one of these slots.
Also to allow the maximum number of people to attend please book for either the 15th or 22nd.
From the 29th onwards there will be no restrictions on booking.
I do expect bookings to be very popular again.
Kind regards Dawn