Rolling practice available on a Thursday night

Dear Paddler

Following on from our recent announcement regarding the pool sessions there are three spaces available on the first block of Freestyle pool sessions.

In order to ensure that these sessions don’t run at a loss we are now inviting club paddlers who wish to undertake rolling practice on a Thursday evening at the Clifton pool from 7.30 – 8.30pm.

You may take your own boat to these sessions, but it must be clean and dry, and not contain river water, bugs, leaves or any other nasties that you wouldn’t want to see in a swimming pool.

These are a block of 5 sessions, and if spaces come free on the other blocks then again these will be offered to recreational/white water paddlers the week before the sessions start.

If you don’t have your own boat but want to learn some freestyle moves in the pool then please contact Andrew Good on to see if there is a boat that you can borrow for a session.

So if you are free on a Thursday night, want some rolling practice please go on to the club booking portal and grab one of the 3 slots for the first block of 5.  Do not book for any of the other slots unless you are a freestyle paddler.

Kind regards