Some very sad news

Dear Paddler
It is with great sadness that I am writing to let you know of the death of one of our long standing club members and coaches. Zoe Tarrant has been a member of the club for over 10 years and has been active in all areas of the club; coaching on Saturday mornings, Sea-Kayaking, White water, Trips and helping to organise a number of the clubs social activities.
I know that this information may come as a considerable shock, as it was only a few months ago that Zoe was out on the water paddling with us, and her illness moved at a very rapid speed. It was only in the last few weeks that Zoe became aware of how ill she was.
I know that Zoe was a great friend to so many people within the club, and her passing will leave an absence in many people’s lives.
As this has all happened so quickly, Zoe’s family have asked for time to come to terms with this privately, so please give them time and privacy to mourn their loss.
I am sure that as a club we will be able to comfort each other with our happy memories of paddling with Zoe.
When we have funeral details, we will pass these on for those who wish to attend.
Our thoughts are with Zoe’s son Sam, her wider family, her work colleagues and all of her friends.
I know that this will be a great sadness to many of our members, but we can all remember Zoe for the great sense of fun and adventure that she had, and for the great memories that we shared together.
Kind regards Dawn