SUP Pool sessions and SUP White Water

Dear Paddler

We are delighted that we are able to offer a special pool session for SUP self-rescue and rescues which will be at the Ken Martin Pool next Saturday the 19th of November at 3.45 to 5.15.

Paddlers will need to bring their own board to the pool which must be clean, boards can be brought in inflated.

Coaching will be available on self-rescue and rescue techniques.

Please note that for safety reasons paddlers are not permitted to stand on boards and paddle in the pool environment, due to the risk of falling and hitting the pool side.

For reasons of safety this session will be restricted to just 10 paddlers.

This is a brilliant opportunity to practice in a warm safe environment.  Please book quickly as the session is next Saturday.

We are also looking at how we can support paddlers who might be interested in starting White Water SUP paddling.  This hasn’t been something that we have previously been able to offer, but we are looking at potential options and would be interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in taking this further.

If you would be interested please contact the Chair on so that we can understand what the potential demand is.

Take care and paddle safely

Kind regards