URGENT – Car parking

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the drip feed emails today, but I am updating you as I receive information from the centre.
Matt Hancock has asked that users email
info@nwsc.com with any issues that you might have with fines or car registration.
I believe from the size of my inbox that numerous people have received fines regardless of whether they completed the form or not through the club link or WW pass link.  Even some of their own staff have received fines.
I have no further advice at present other than when you turn up at the centre, go to reception and give them your registration numbers and show them your membership card, and make sure that they add it to the database.
I am sure that the centre are working to resolve this, but please make sure that you go to reception the next time you go to the centre, to avoid further tickets.
When I receive further information from the centre I will of course pass it on.
Kind regards