AGM Documentation and Freestyle course

Good evening Paddler

Apologies for rushing, but I forgot to attach the minutes and the finance figures for the AGM
Please now find these attached.
In addition I would like to let you know about a great opportunity for Adults wanting to learn kayak freestyle.
Adult (over 18) intro to freestyle with Rob Crowe
Rob Crowe, local playboating legend and all round nice guy has agreed to run a six week intro to freestyle for adult club members. 
The session is open to white water paddlers wanting to try something new and is designed to be a very friendly introduction. Flat water skills, small wave surfs and lots of fun. 
There will be 2 groups, so don’t worry about your confidence level. Rob will take a group of paddlers that want to push themselves a bit more and Andrew Good will take paddlers on the back channels. 
The two groups can interchange and Rob is more than happy at going at whatever pace people want. 
The 6 week program will start Friday 22nd September, 1800-1930 and will cost £5 per session plus course fees. 
If you think this is for you, or if you aren’t sure, please email Andrew on 
It is going to be a lot of fun.
Bookings are now open on Eola.
Kind regards