Kit for sale and pool sessions

Good evening Paddler
As promised I have attached a long list of items of kit that are being sold by members. Please contact the individuals concerned if you want to buy anything, not the club.
Please remember if you are buying safety equipment such as Buoyancy aids or helmets that you should ensure that these are fit for the purpose for which you intend to use them.
Also, surprisingly there are still two pool slots available for the first block of pool sessions.
Please go to the booking portal if you want to snap up one of these sessions.
We have also posted the sessions on eola for the coaches to use to book for the rolling sessions when they are coaching. If you are coming to coach, please apply the club £1 discount as coaches don’t pay, but if you are a paddler please don’t book on to these if you are not coming to coach.
Happy shopping.
Kind regards Dawn